HCA 2/349
Head Money vouchers

The Officers and Company of His Majesty's Sloop Speedy Rt. Hon. Lord Cochrane Commander in Account with Thomas Ricketts Agent for the Proceeds of Headmoney for El Gamo captured on the 6th May 1801.

By Headmoney Bill 298 men= £1,490-0-0

To paid extracting prize list from master's books1116
To fee certifying ditto1600
To abstracting and making out paylist1600
To fee for headmoney bill1100
To rendering account of sales and registering
power of attorney in Commons
To stamps and postages3300
To advertising payment and account of sales21200
To recalls for 3 years, paying on board etc.5500
To agency at 5 per cent741000
To nett sum for distribution£1394136