Iliad 6:155-203
Bellerophon, a Greek hero, residing at the court of Proetus, king of Argus, was loved by the kingís wife. When Bellerophon rejected her advances she denounced him before her husband of trying to violate her. Bellerophon was sent to the kingís brother-in-law.
Iobates, with a sealed letter containing a request that he be killed. Iobates set him the task of killing a monster the Chimera, thinking he would be killed in the attempt.
This creature had a lionís head, goats body and dragonís tail and breathed fire, Bellerophon, having first obtained possession of the winged horse Pegasus, according to some by the means of a golden bridle the gift of Minerva, rode off and slew the chimera with arrows.
He returned to marry one of Iobatesí daughters.