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These accounts show the various charges incurred in both bringing the captured vessel to port, as well as the costs of the court action.
Note the payment to one of the prisoners for mending the sails of the Prize.
Prize Accounts for the Prince of Neufchatel
24th April 1816

PRINCE of NEUFCHATEL 23rd. April 1816

Appeared Personally Thomas Collier of Brick Court Temple London Navy Agent and made oath that he is one of the Agents for His majesty's Ships Leander, Acasta and Newcastle and that the account hereto annexed signed by him doth contain, to the best of his knowledge and belief, a just and true account of the sums received for the Hull, Stores and Head Money of the above Prize and the Disbursements thereon.
Thomas Collier
The same day the said Thomas Collier was duly sworn to the truth of this affidavit.

An Account of the gross produce, charges and net proceeds of the American Privateer Prince of Neufchatel (Hull Stores and Head Money) captured the 28 December 1814 by His Majesty's Ships Leander, Acasta and Newcastle
To paid of Mr. Munroe 1st Prize Master on account of his expenses £20
To paid Mr. H. Shannon on account of his expenses as 2nd Prize Master and stamps £20-0-8
Ditto £5-0-2
To paid account of Rd. Oxman for pilotage and provisions at Penzance and bill in his favor drawn by H. Shannon Prize Master £31-10-6
To paid account of Bamfield and Lake for pilotage and provisions at Falmouth and bill in his favor drawn by H. Shannon Prize Master £15-7-6
To paid Messrs. Down and Co. for Bamfield and Lake Falmouth per order of H. Shannon for pilotage paid £2
To paid Benj. Wells American sailmaker for mending sails per order of Sir George Collier £2
To this sum paid by order of Sir George Collier to Lewis de Nichole the man on the look out in addition to his share of the Prize money as an inducement for the crew to be active in discovering strange sail £5
To paid Williams & Co. for Jos Gribble expenses in obtaining Head Money Certificates £2-14-5
To paid fee on Head Money Bill £1-16-0
To paid registering power of agency per Leander £0-15-4
To paid certifying Prize list for ditto £2-2-0
To paid stamping pay list for ditto £0- 9-9
To paid advertising payment for ditto £1-4-0
To paid advertising account in registry £1-8-0
To paid registering account at Doctors Commons £1-18-8
To allowance for postage carriage of lists etc. £2-2-0
To allowances for making account for Examiner copies of lists for Treasures of the Navy etc. £2-2-0
To allowances for Recals and incidental expenses per Leander £ 5-5-0
By net proceeds of Ship and Stores as per account of Mr. R Gardner broker £1515-3-9
By Head Money Bill £570-14-4
[The expenses for Newcastle and Acasta I've omitted as they are the same as foregoing]
To agency 5 per cent on £1938-17-10 net proceeds £96-19-0
To paid King's Proctors Bill£37-19-8
To 5 per cent to Greenwich Hospital on £1803-19-2 £90-4-0
To paid Fee to Examiner Samuel Hancock Esq. £4-4-0
To Balance for distribution to Captors £1803-19-2